When should I get a tune-up?

When should I get a tune-up?When you get a new car, it's important that you stay on top of factory-scheduled maintenance, not only so that your vehicle performs at the highest level possible, but also so that you maintain the validity of your warranty. And once your vehicle gets a little older, you want to also be paying attention to indications that your vehicle could be in need of a tune-up. After your odometer eclipses the 100,000 mile marker, it's a good idea to be getting in for tune-ups every 10,000 to 20,000 subsequent miles to help maximize performance and lifespan. Here's a look at five signs that you need a tune-up.

Difficulty Starting

If it takes a few tries to get your engine to fire up, there are various concerns to consider. One possibility is that your ignition needs adjusting.

Worsening Gas Mileage

One possibility with this is that it's time for filter replacement. Another issue could be that your spark plugs need to be changed out. It's prudent to take care of such problems so that you save money on fuel costs over the long run.

Stalling Out

This could also be a spark plug problem, which is the sort of thing that can easily be taken care of during a tune-up. There are some other possible issues to consider as well, such as fluid leaking from your transmission lines.


A shaking sensation could be an indication that it's time to get your tires balanced. It could also be a sign of a failing U-joint. Either way, you'll want to schedule a visit to your mechanic to get the symptom checked out.

Mileage Points

Once your vehicle hits 100,000 miles, you'll want to start getting in for tune-ups on a regular basis.

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