Do I need cooling system repair? Here are five signs that say yes!

Do I need cooling system repair? Here are five signs that say yes!The moment that you turn over the key and your vehicle roars to life, your engine immediately begins heating up to extremely hot temperatures. If there are problems with your cooling system, your engine could become at risk of overheating, which could consequently cause major engine damage. There are multiple components of your cooling system, which includes the radiator, fan, and thermostat. If any aspect of your cooling system isn't working as it should, then you'll want to get it taken care of as soon as you can. Here's a look at five signs that you need cooling system repair.

Smoke Emerging from Hood

This is one of the more familiar signs of overheating. If you see smoke rising up, you'll want to pull off the road as soon as it's safe to do so, and then will likely need to add coolant/water.

High Temperature Gauge Reading

In the event that your dashboard's temp gauge has shot up quickly, or has slowly crawled up into the red zone, it's best to cease driving and give a call to your mechanic, who can help you determine if your vehicle is safely operable.

Low Coolant

If for some reason your coolant is low, you'll want to get to the shop so the source of the issue can be pinpointed. Coolant that leaks internally can in turn burn up within your combustion chamber.

White Exhaust Smoke

This is an indication that coolant is indeed burning up within the combustion chamber. Anytime that your car emits off-colored exhaust smoke, it's a good idea to get to the shop to see if diagnostics are needed.

External Coolant Leak

If you look at the ground where you've recently been parked and you see bright green fluid, this is indicative of a coolant leak.

If you're in need of cooling system repair, be sure to visit a reputable shop. For auto repair in Weston and Wausau, WI, the experts to contact are at Auto Select at (715) 241-0007. Feel free to give Auto Select a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your repair or maintenance needs!

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