Car Problems Diagnosed by Sound

Car Problems Diagnosed by SoundThere are many ways to detect car issues, sound be a primary one. While fluid leaks, weird noises and massive performance drops may be more obvious to some, noises are a key indicator that your car needs to be serviced. Depending on what the noise is and what you're doing in your car when you hear it, you can often figure out the type or repair that needs to be completed. Here are a few of the most common car problems diagnosed by sound.

Worn Brake Pads

The brake pads are designed to rub against the rotor to create the friction that slows your car. After years of braking, the pads will wear thin, resulting in the metal frame of the bads rubbing on the rotor (or drums in some vehicles), which causes a harsh grinding or squealing noise. If you hear odd sounds when you brake, don't hesitate to visit the auto shop.

Low Transmission Fluid

Whether you drive an automatic or a manual transmission vehicle, you can often tell if it is low on transmission fluid if you hear a grinding noise as the vehicle shifts. Transmission fluid is critical for keeping the moving parts properly lubricated. This means low fluid can cause excessive friction and massive wear and tear to the car parts.

Bad Engine Bearings

The moving parts of the engine rely on engine bearings for smooth motion. As the mileage adds up the bearings can go bad, which can cause a loud knocking noise under the hood. If this isn't dealt with the bearings could fail completely, resulting in massive engine damage.

Exhaust Leak

The exhaust system help to dampen the sound of the motor. A leak in the exhaust will result in increased engine noise. So if it seems as if your car's motor has suddenly gotten a lot louder, particularly while accelerating, it is likely that your vehicle is suffering from an exhaust leak.

Dead Starter

The starter motor gets the engine spinning when you turn the key. If you turn the ignition and only hear a loud click or a series of clicks, it is probable that the starter motor has failed. What you are hearing is the starter actuating its pinion gear, but it isn't spinning.

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