Replacing Automotive Filters

Replacing Automotive FiltersYour car uses many different parts in order to keep your ride safe, reliable and comfortable. Some of those parts need to be replaced regularly for optimal performance. A number of filters on your car should be replaced at particular mileage points to ensure that you're getting the most out of your car's capabilities. Check your owner's manual, and then swing by your local auto maintenance shop for professional automotive filter replacement.

Air Filter

The air filter is tasked with removing impurities from the incoming air that is used to be mixed with gasoline in the combustion chamber. If airborne contaminants, such as dirt, were not filtered out of the oxygen, they'd be burnt up in the combustion chamber of the engine, resulting in damages that could very well disrupt how your car runs. Additionally, a clogged air filter could cause your car to run rich, meaning it is burning more fuel than necessary to make up for the lack of air getting into the combustion chamber. Replacing the air filter will ensure optimal fuel economy and power.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter removes sediment and other particles from the gasoline you put in your tank. It is important to replace the fuel filter as necessary, because if it becomes so dirty that gas can't pass through it, your car won't be able to run right, or at all. Most cars have fuel filters that are easy and inexpensive to replace.

Cabin Air FIlter

Does it seem a bit musty in your car? Do odors seem to linger? This could be due to a dirty cabin air filter. This filter cleans the air that is pumped into your vehicle through the AC and heater vents. If it is dirty you could end up breathing air that is less clean that that on the outside.

Oil Filter

During routine oil changes your oil filter will be replaced. This is necessary because as oil circulates in the engine it picks up impurities and drops them off in the filter, which helps keep the interior of the engine clean. But as the miles add up, so does the grime in the filter, which could block flow of oil through the motor, resulting in unwanted friction between the moving parts of the engine. Replacing the filter ensures a smooth flow of oil.

Keeping up with all forms of auto maintenance will keep your car running smooth for miles and miles. If it is time for auto maintenance in Weston or Wassau head to Auto Select. Our crew will be happy to let you know what services your car needs now, and what should be done in the future. To request an appointment call us at (715) 355-4050 or stop by our Weston auto maintenance shop today.

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