Is it time to replace my fuel filter?

Is it time to replace my fuel filter?Your fuel filter works to prevent contaminants, like dirt and tiny paint chips, from being drawn into your engine as it takes in gasoline. If your fuel filter becomes clogged up, it could lead to herky-jerky acceleration and might even prevent you from firing up. Here's a look at five signs that you need a new fuel filter.

Difficulty Starting

While a variety of automotive issues can cause trouble with getting started, one possibility is a partially-clogged fuel filter. In this scenario, it's best to promptly have it changed out so that it doesn't become completely clogged and potentially leave you stranded.


When a fully-clogged fuel filter prevents a car from starting, there's a fair chance that the symptoms were already present, but the filter change just didn't get completed in quite enough time.

Struggle at Low Speeds

If your vehicle cruises smoothly down the freeway, but then accelerates inconsistently when you exit and drive around town, the issue could be with the fuel filter.

Rough Idle

This indicates that your engine is having trouble drawing adequate amounts of fuel.

Car Dies in Traffic

When a filter doesn't get changed as needed, it's possible that the moment it becomes completely clogged will be while in traffic, which could consequently result in a very challenging situation.

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