The Importance of the Oil Change

The Importance of the Oil ChangeMore than likely you've heard it time and time again since you first got your driver's license, "Get your oil changed every 3,000 miles." Well there is a reason this is said, because it's true, more or less. While some modern vehicles can go upwards of 7,500 miles between pit stops the point is that it is absolutely necessary to get your oil changed on time, every time. Skipping out on oil changes puts your vehicle at risk of major engine damage, resulting in expensive repair bills. As if you don't need more reasoning than that, here are three things to consider when you think to yourself, "I'll get the oil changed next week," over and over again.

Clean Out the Engine

As oil runs its course through the engine it picks up outside contaminants such as dirt, dust and other debris. When the oil mixes with these materials it creates a sludge that causes the engine to have to work harder in order to produce the same amount of power it would with fresh oil. When you get the oil changed all of this is drained from the engine and the oil filter is also changed. This ensures the proper flow of oil and it returns engine's ability to create power with ease, restoring your fuel efficiency in the process.

Regulate Engine Temperature

Engine oil is designed to reduce the operating temperature of the engine by performing two important tasks. The first involves the process in which oil is refined. Oil is engineered to be able to absorb heat, which reduces engine temperature on its own. The second is by performing its main job correctly, which is lubricating parts to ensure there is not excessive friction, which in turn can cause a buildup of heat, thus leading to other engine problems.

Sufficient Lubrication

Obviously the most important role of oil is to ensure that all the moving parts are lubricated in order to avoid metal on metal contact that can cause catastrophic damage under the hood. If you vehicle becomes low on oil or if it can't properly circulate oil because of a sludge build up your car is much more likely to suffer some sort of motor damage that may result in you needing a rebuild or replacement.

Gives Technicians a Chance to Look Over Your Car

Another important thing to consider is that when your vehicle is in for an oil change a technician will be under your car and under the hood. They may notice potential issues that could be resolved before they cause any damage or safety concerns.

Do not deny your car, truck or SUV what is so desperately needs. Oil changes are a mandatory auto maintenance service! If your car is due for an oil change in Weston or Wausau head to Auto Select Express. We will give your car the service it deserves. Any time you need light auto maintenance in Weston or Wausau head to Auto Select Express or give us a call at (715) 355-4050 to learn more.

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