7 Maintenance and Driving Tips for Boosting Gas Mileage

7 Maintenance and Driving Tips for Boosting Gas MileageTo optimize your fuel-efficiency, there are several different measures that you can take, some of which you can address yourself, while others are more easily done at the shop. Here's a look at seven simple ways to boost your MPGs.

Replace Air Filter

This is the type of service that can be done quickly and affordable at the shop. This will work to ensure that the proper quantity of air can reach your combustion chamber, which will help to prevent your engine from burning up more fuel as a way to make up for the insufficient amount of air.

Change Spark Plugs

Old, dirty spark plugs are liable to misfire, which can consequently waste significant amounts of fuel as your car racks up the miles.

Correct Fuel Grade

If your vehicle calls for mid-grade or higher, it's best to always follow that requirement. Otherwise, you could see a reduction in your gas mileage and your engine could even be harmed.

Proper Tire Inflation

Because soft rubber needs more power to roll forward, under-inflation can reduce your fuel-efficiency by some 25%.

Follow Speed Limit

When you're driving at over 60 mph, your MPGs can drop some 5% for every 5 mph faster that you go.

Use Cruise Control

Unnecessary acceleration can have a negative effect on your gas mileage.

Tight Gas Cap

A loose gas cap can lead to the evaporation of fuel before you get the chance to use it.

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