What is Leaking From My Car?

What is Leaking From My Car?While it is gasoline that we fill up our cars with to get us from A to B your car is actually using a variety of fluid to operate its numerous systems. At certain mileage points these fluids need to be drained and refilled so that they are sure to be free of contaminants. Not conducting this routine maintenance, especially combined with high mileage, could lead to leaks. If you ever spot something dripping from your car be sure to get to the auto repair shop as soon as possible. The following are the most common leaks you may experience.


Coolant has a slimy feel and is often dyed a bright green color, however it can also be yellow or pink. Coolant leaks need to be addressed right away, as this fluid helps to prevent your engine from overheating. Coolant may leak from the radiator itself or from elsewhere in the cooling system.

Engine Oil

The simplest fluid to identify is also the most common one that leaks from vehicles. Oil is often black or light brown and it will leave a nasty stain in the driveway. As Oil runs through the motor it may be able to seep from many different places where there are gaskets and seals. Some leaks don't need immediate repair, while others are crucial. Ask your mechanic for honest advice.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is usually a reddish color. If your transmission begins to leak the fluid will accumulate underneath the forward part of the passenger cabin, as that is where the transmission is often located. Transmission fluid leaks usually appear at the seal between the engine and transmission.

Differential Fluid

Differential fluid looks and feels very similar to transmission fluid, so the best way to differentiate the two is by taking note of where the leak is coming collecting. If the fluid is dripping near the back of the vehicle it is much more probable that it is coming from the differential.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a clearish, slightly brown color and is slick to the touch. If you believe you have a brake fluid leak do not drive your car as there is a good chance that your vehicle will have very limited, if any ability to brake.

Anytime that you have a leak coming from your vehicle it is imperative to have it checked out and repaired in order to keep your car happy and healthy. If you need automotive fluid services in Weston or Wausau head to Auto Select Express. We strive to provide fast and professional auto maintenance services for all makes and models. Give us a call at (715) 355-4050 to request an appointment for light auto maintenance in Weston.

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