4 Signs it's Time for a Wheel Alignment

4 Signs it's Time for a Wheel AlignmentIf you have had a run in with a pothole or curb or were involved in a larger collision there is a good chance that your vehicle was thrown out of alignment. This means that at least one tire is pointing in a direction other than straight, which can cause significant issues for your vehicle, including increased tire wear and a decrease in fuel efficiency. If you experience any of these symptoms of wheel alignment problems be sure to head to the auto repair shop right away in order to restore your vehicle's driveability.

Shaky Steering Wheel

One of the most common signs of an alignment issue is a steering wheel that shakes as you drive. This happens because of the tires trying to travel in different directions, pulling the wheel back and forth as you cruise down the road. This can cause major control issues for your vehicle and needs to be addressed right away.

Odd Tire Wear

A more subtle sign of an alignment problem is odd tire wear. Every so often you should check your tires to be sure they are still roadworthy. Aside from checking general wear of the tread see if you notice any odd patterns of wear. If two tires on the same axle are wearing differently there is a good chance of an alignment problem.


An obvious sign of an alignment problem is if your vehicle drifts, or pulls, left or right with no driver interaction. While this can also be caused by improperly inflated tires or suspension problems it can usually be attributed to a bad alignment. Sometimes pulling is not very obvious and is only noticeable when you have a light grip on the steering wheel, this is called soft pulling. Other times you may have to fight to keep the car going straight, which is called hard pulling.

Crooked Steering Wheel

If you need to hold the steering wheel at an angle that is off-center in order for the vehicle to travel in a straight line you can bet on an alignment issue. When a vehicle comes out of the factory the symbol on the steering wheel will be centered so if this suddenly changes it means that something caused the tires to be thrown off kilter.

If you suspect a misalignment in your vehicle don't put up with it, as it can be dangerous and lead to other problems for your car. For a wheel alignment in Weston or Wausau head to Auto Select Express. Our auto repair and tire service technicians will ensure your car drives straight as an arrow! Call us at (715) 355-4050 to learn more or to request an appointment for professional auto service in Weston or Wausau.

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