4 Auto Maintenance Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency

4 Auto Maintenance Tips for Better Fuel EfficiencyAs we head into the summer driving season it is critical to take a few steps to ensure that your car is running as best it can. With minor auto maintenance you will find your car getting better MPGs and running as good as new. If you believe your car could benefit from any of the following services be sure to head to your local auto shop for expert service.

Inspect your Gas Cap

A damaged or ill-fitting gas cap can allow gasoline to evaporate, meaning you're paying for gas you didn't have get to get a single mile out of. Make sure your gas cap is on tight and doesn't have any cracks.

Replace Worn Spark Plugs

Spark plugs create a small spark to fire the pistons and they burn gasoline to do so. Depending on how many spark plugs you have, generally one per cylinder, they can fire as many as 3 million times each for every 1,000 miles traveled. A corroded or dirty spark plug can cause misfires, which is a waste of fuel.

Replace the Air Filter

A dirty air filter means causes a rich fuel mixture in the engine because of the blocked air flow. This is a waste of gasoline that can potentially cause other major problems in your vehicle's engine.

Properly Inflate Tires

Driving on underinflated tires can cause increased fuel consumption by up to two MPGs. This is because your car's engine must work harder to get the soft tires to spin. If you continue to lose air out of a tire, you may have a nail stuck in it or other damage allowing the air to escape. Have your local tire store check your tire's PSI rating to make sure they're properly filled and inspect the tire for wear and damage.

Auto maintenance is critical at all times of the year, but if you plan on racking up extra miles this summer, get to an auto repair shop for proper care and tire services to ensure you'll spend more time on the road, and less at the pump. When you need auto maintenance in Weston or Wausau head to Auto Select. We service all makes and models! Give us a call at (715) 355-4050 to learn more about our our service or to request auto maintenance in Weston and Wausau.

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