Common Signs Your Car Needs Restorative Auto Maintenance

Common Signs Your Car Needs Restorative Auto MaintenanceWhen new car are sold they come with an owner's manual that includes a schedule of services that they will need. This maintenance schedule details when a service will be necessary to ensure that your car or truck doesn't break down. Unfortunately, sometimes these services aren't enough to keep the car running at peak performance, particularly as the miles add up. If you notice any of the following symptoms of car trouble in between scheduled maintenance services it would be wise to visit an auto shop to give your vehicle a tune up.

What is a tune up?

A tune up can include a large number of services, but they are often quick and inexpensive, such as replacing a fuel filter or air filter or installing new spark plugs. Tune ups are often required between major service check ups, such as 30/60/90K maintenance, particularly if your car has more than 100K miles on the odometer. Here's a few common signs your car could use performance restoring services.

Rough Idle

If your car's RPMs seem to jump up and down and have a hard time remaining steady while at a stop, then it is time to get to the auto shop.

Decreased MPGs

Anytime you notice that your fuel economy has dropped it would be a good idea to get into the shop. Delaying minor repairs related to this will only end up costing you more and more the longer you hold out, since you'll be spending extra time and money at the gas station.

Poor Performance

If your car has a hard time getting up to speed, particularly when rapidly accelerating to get on the freeway, be sure to have it checked out. This can be a danger to yourself and/or other drivers on the road.


One of the more serious issues is engine stalling. This means the engine shuts off without warning. There are a few issues that can cause this, such as disrupted fuel delivery.

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