What are the signs of major engine trouble?

What are the signs of major engine trouble?So long as you're proactive about keeping up on your auto maintenance, then you'll be going a long way toward reducing the chances of engine trouble arising. Nonetheless, as your vehicle enters its golden years, there's a fair chance that it'll run into some issues. This being the case, it could come in quite handy to be familiar with signs of major engine problems.

Knocking Sound

A lack of lubrication because of low oil could cause a repetitive knocking noise. Sometimes, simply adding fresh oil can take care of the issue. However, there's also a possibility that the bottom end of your engine will have to be rebuilt.

Loss of Power

After a number of years of regular driving, it shouldn't be too alarming if your car loses a bit of power. But if it loses power in a way that is more sudden and drastic, then you've got reason to be concerned.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

The color of the smoke can provide a hint as to what exactly the problem is. Black smoke suggests that you're burning up too much gasoline. A coolant leak could result in white smoke. And blue-tinted smoke is indicative of an oil leak.


Vibrating that's stemming from the engine could be caused by metal-on-metal contact resulting from low oil.

Decrease in Gas Mileage

A problem with the engine's compression stroke could consequently lead to a reduction in fuel-efficiency.

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