Top 6 Signs of Alternator Trouble

Top 6 Signs of Alternator TroubleYour vehicle needs a healthy alternator for your engine to come roaring to life when you turn the key---and also to keep chugging along down the road. In addition to that, a fully-functioning alternator is necessary to help ensure the proper function of your vehicle's electrical accessories. Here's a look at six signs of an alternator problem.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

If your vehicle features dashboard indication for this problem, you might see the letters ALT or GEN become illuminated. Often times, this will be the first sign that there may be an issue with the alternator.

Dimming or Flickering Headlights

For your headlights to be able to reliably guide you through the darkness, your alternator needs to be working properly.

Dead Battery

While it's normal for a battery to eventually die, if yours is a newer one and it dies, then you've got good reason to be suspicious of an alternator issue.

Bad Smell

While various automotive issues could cause a burning odor, one possibility is that belt is slipping on the alternator.


For your pistons to continue pumping, you need a healthy alternator. Otherwise, you could end up stranded.

Electrical Accessory Failure

Alternator issues can result in problems with your radio, power windows, and other electrical accessories.

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