Top Signs of Radiator Trouble

Top Signs of Radiator TroubleShortly after starting your car's engine it will be operating at very high temperatures. Without the assistance of the radiator and cooling system the engine would essentially melt itself from within. Thankfully your car is equipped with a cooling system to prevent this from happening, that is, if the system is in healthy condition. If you notice any of the following signs of radiator trouble you will want to make an appointment with your mechanic immediately.

Rising Temperature Gauge

Commonly, the first sign of trouble that you'll experience if the radiator has failed temperature gauge indicating that the engine is too hot. Pay attention to this dashboard gauge, should it ever be pointing to the hot zone you need to pull over and shut your vehicle off as soon as it is safe and legal to do so.

Steaming Hood

If your car is currently overheating white steam will likely be coming from under the hood. This means your car's cooling system, and in particularly, the radiator, is having operation issues. Once you have pulled over give your local auto shop a call to see what you should do next based on the specific symptoms.

Low Levels of Coolant

It's smart to occasionally check the fluid levels throughout your car. If you come to find that the coolant level is low it is likely a leak has sprung. Check over the engine for signs of coolant splatter, which would appear as small spots of discoloration caused by boiling coolant burning off the paint on engine parts.

White Exhaust

If you notice low levels of coolant and it is accompanied by puffy white exhaust smoke. This indicates coolant is being burnt up inside the motor.

Coolant Leak

Should you spot a bright green liquid dripping under your car, you've just found a coolant leak, aka antifreeze. Be sure to get your car to an auto repair shop so the leak location can be found and repaired as soon as possible. Radiators have numerous spots leaks may come from.

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