Top Auto Electric Problems

Top Auto Electric ProblemsYour vehicle has a vast network of electrical wiring and components that allow the car to operate safely and reliably. If you experience electrical trouble with your vehicle it will take a skilled technician to be able to determine the root cause of the problem, but many issues are based in one of the following problems.

Battery Issues

A dead battery means that your vehicle will have zero power. It will be unable to start, you won't be able to turn on lights and you certainly can't listen to the radio with a dead battery. Batteries will die if lights are left on or the radio is played too long with the engine off. They also need to be replaced at the end of their life span.

Bad Alternator

The alternator is what keeps the battery charged. It does this by creating electricity using the motion of the engine. While the motor is running the alternator is what produces the electrical power that keeps the vehicle operating, and it stores excess power in the battery. A dying alternator will result in many electrical malfunctions and a car that can't start.

Blown Fuse

Fuses are used within electrical systems to ensure that there is not too much electricity flowing toward a component, as this could cause an overload and will damage the part. The fuse will essentially break the circuit if there is too much electricity flowing, this is known as a blow fuse. Blown fuses are cheap and easy to replace!

Stuck Relay

Electrical systems also use relays, which act as an on/off switch within the system that they operate. If the relay becomes stuck, in one position or the other, it could hinder how your car operates. For example, if the relay for the fuel pump gets stuck in the off position, your car will get no gas fed to the engine.

Electrical issues are tricky, but the skilled auto repair technicians at Auto Select are highly capable of diagnosing and fixing them. If you need auto electric repair in Stevens Point reach out to our team by calling (715) 341-1576. We service all makes and models at our full service auto repair shop in Stevens Point.

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