Simple Auto Maintenance for Restoring MPGs

Simple Auto Maintenance for Restoring MPGsIf you have noticed a drop in your vehicle's fuel economy, have no fear, as it can be restored. By keeping up with routine auto maintenance and conducting necessary tune up services, you can continue getting the best possible fuel efficiency in your vehicle, day in and day out. Whether you've noticed a small drop in MPGs, or a big one, head to your local auto maintenance shop to have proper services performed to get your car back up to speed.

Keep Up with Oil Changes

Believe it or not, oil changes are critical to keeping fuel efficiency at a max. Dirty, watery and aged oil will prevent the engine from operating at maximum miles per gallon because the motor will have to work harder and under harsher conditions than it would with fresh oil.

New Spark Plugs

Dirty or corroded spark plugs can cause misfiring. This means that the engine will fill the combustion chamber with air and fuel, but the spark plugs will not ignite it at the correct time. This causes the fuel to be wasted as it is sucked from the engine with the exhaust. Aside from wasting gas, your engine will be running very poor if you have aged spark plugs, which can lead to trouble with the catalytic converter.

New Air Filter

The air filter keeps impurities from entering the combustion chamber. Over the years it can become extremely dirty as all the filtered contents add up. If the air filter becomes clogged it can prevent the proper amount of air from getting into the combustion chamber. Since oxygen and gas are both needed for the engine to run properly, the car will compensate for the lack of air by using excess gas.

Keep Tires Inflated

Did you know that low tire pressure can cause a drop in fuel economy by 25 percent or more? That's a pretty significant decrease. This is because the soft rubber takes more power to turn. It's smart to regularly check your tire pressure.

If you ever notice a drop in your miles per gallon be sure to visit the auto shop to have the issue reversed. To schedule MPG restoring auto maintenance in Stevens Point call Auto Select at (715) 341-1576 to schedule an appointment. Our auto maintenance team loves helping people keep their cars running their best. Give us a call anytime you need auto maintenance in Stevens Point!

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