Is my car's transmission going bad?

Is my car's transmission going bad?Your car's transmission has to deal with extreme levels of heat and stress. As a result, in all likelihood it's going to eventually need some attention from a mechanic. With transmission issues, the important thing is getting to the shop at the first sign of a problem so that you don't end up with wildly expensive repairs that could've been nipped in the bud. Here's a look at six signs that you need transmission repair.

Herky-Jerky Shifting

If you can feel lurching or jerking when you shift, then there's a decent chance that your transmission is operating on worn-out parts.

Hard to Get Into Gear

When a transmission isn't healthy, it could require several attempts just to be to able to get into gear.

Suddenly Pops Out of Gear

A classic sign of significant transmission trouble is that the vehicle suddenly slips out of gear for no apparent reason. When this happens, it's important to quickly get to the mechanic. In this situation, you're also putting other drivers at risk because you no longer have full control over your vehicle.


A grinding sound in a vehicle with a manual transmission is symptomatic of a clutch that is wearing out.

Burning Fluid

Another signs that something is awry with your transmission is that its fluid smells burnt and has turned to a darker color.

Transmission Fluid Leak

It's a good idea to periodically take a look at the ground below where you often park and check for automotive fluid leaks. If you see an accumulation of a reddish-colored fluid, then you may have a transmission fluid leak.

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