Car Won't Start? 4 Signs of Starter Failure

Car Won't Start? 4 Signs of Starter FailureIt is a somewhat complicated process to get your car started, with many different parts working together to get the engine spinning. However one of the most important pieces of this puzzle is the starter motor. When you turn the key to the run position the starter motor engages with the flywheel to get the engine cranking before it can keep itself running. So while there are a number of things that can cause a car to not start, judging by the symptoms you're experiencing you'll be able to to tell if it is the starter motor that is giving you trouble.

Loud Click

If you hear a loud, individual click when you try to start the car it is good indication of starter trouble. While the starter is receiving the necessary electrical current to engage and actuate, it's likely the starter motor or solenoid has gone bad.

Swishing or Whirring Noise

If the pinion gear, which is the part of the starter motor that engages with the flywheel is unable to spin the engine you will likely just hear a noise that sounds something like a “whirr.” This is the sound of the starter motor spinning by itself. This generally means that the starter solenoid has gone bad.

Grinding Sound

A grinding noise that occurs when trying to start the engine is likely caused by loose starter motor. It could also mean that there are worn or missing teeth on the flywheel or pinion gear which isn't allowing the two gears to properly work together to crank the engine.


A constant buzzing noise, but no engine cranking is caused by a flow of electrical current to the starter motor, but the motor not actuating. The issue is generally a poor flow of electricity caused by a poorly charged battery or corroded electrical connections in the starting circuit.

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