Winter Auto Maintenance Tasks that Shouldn't Be Skipped

Winter Auto Maintenance Tasks that Shouldn't Be SkippedWhen the thermometer plummets, it's important that your vehicle can reliably keep you safe, while still maintaining high performance. By being proactive about winter auto maintenance, you'll help to keep your passengers protected and your car operating smoothly. Here's a look at six important winter maintenance tasks.

Brake Inspection

Considering how critical of a role your brakes play in maintaining the safety of you and your family, you don't want to roll the dice with them. Signs of brake trouble include squealing and grinding. At the first indication of an issue, you'll want to prioritize a trip to the shop. This is especially important for the winter months because of slickened roads and reduced visibility.

Check Tire Tread & Pressure

This is a task that everyone should complete, but is particularly important for those who go on snow sport adventures through countryside back roads.

Check Battery/Charging System

Because freezing temperatures can be so hard on vehicle batteries, it's important to make sure that yours isn't at risk of leaving you stranded in the bitter cold.

Check Heater/Defroster

This will help to keep you warm and comfortable, while also working to ensure maximum visibility through your windshield.

Check Exhaust System

Because in the wintertime you'll be constantly driving with your windows rolled up, it's of great importance that your car doesn't have an exhaust leak.

Add New Antifreeze

This is one last little task to check off before winter hits.

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