When does a fuel filter need to be replaced?

When does a fuel filter need to be replaced?A clean fuel filter will help to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Its job is to prevent a variety of contaminants---from dirt to paint chips---from being drawn into your engine as it takes in fuel. While it can vary depending on the particular vehicle, it's a good idea to get your fuel filter changed at somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. Aside from mileage parameters, there are various symptoms that suggest it should be replaced soon. Here's a look at five signs that you need a new fuel filter.

Difficulty Starting

While trouble with getting started could be caused by a variety of issues, one possible culprit is a partially-clogged fuel filter. By changing it out quickly, you won't risk it becoming fully clogged, which could leave you stranded.

Rough Idling

This also suggests a partially-clogged filter.


When a fully-clogged filter prevents a car from starting, there's a decent chance that symptoms were already present, but the car just didn't quite make it to the shop in time.

Car Dies in Traffic

If you wait too long to change your filter, it could get clogged to the point that your engine ceases to function. This could happen while you're trying to get started up in your driveway---but could also happen while you're sitting in traffic.

Struggles at Low Speeds

In the event that your car will cruise right along on the freeway, but then starts feeling herky-jerky as you drive through arterial roads, then you've got evidence of fuel filter trouble.

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