Do I need to replace my fuel filter?

Do I need to replace my fuel filter?A healthy fuel filter works to prevent dirt, paint chips, and other contaminants from being sucked down by your engine as it takes in gasoline. It's pretty much unavoidable for your fuel filter to eventually become clogged up to the point that it has some level of impact on your vehicle performance. Here's a look at five of the signs that indicate it's time to get to the shop for a new fuel filter.

Difficulty Getting Started

Various automotive issues can cause trouble with firing up. One possible cause is that your fuel-filter has become partially clogged. At this point, it's best to get it replaced so that it doesn't become completely clogged and potentially leave you stranded.


If your filter has become fully dammed-up and prevents your car from starting, there's a decent chance it was already showing signs of trouble, but you just didn't quite make it to the shop in time.

Rough Idle

A partially-clogged filter can cause this symptom because your engine can't draw a sufficient amount of fuel.

Struggle at Low Speeds

If your car is able to cruise along the freeway without any trouble, but then starts to feel herky-jerky when you exit and drive city streets, then you could be due for fuel filter replacement.

Car Dies in Traffic

It's possible for your filter to become fully-clogged while you're out and about, leaving you in a precarious position.

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