6 Tire & Wheel Services Offered by a Reputable Auto Shop in Stevens Point, WI

6 Tire & Wheel Services Offered by a Reputable Auto Shop in Stevens Point, WIYou might not often stop to consciously consider it, but the reality is that you are putting the utmost faith in your tires to safely carry you and your family from place to place. Therefore, it is immensely important that you take the precautions necessary to ensure that your tires and wheels are kept in safe operating condition. By being proactive about getting to the shop for tire and wheel care, you'll be doing your part to minimize the risk of dangers that can arise from extreme weather and blowouts. Here's a look at six tire and wheel services offered by a reputable express auto shop in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Tire/Wheel Balancing

Proper balancing will help to ensure correct weight distribution, which will result in a smoother ride. Balancing should be done whenever tires are rotated or repaired.

Tire Rotation in Stevens Point

This service will even out tire wear, which will in turn help to extend the functional life of a full set of tires.

Flat Tire Repair

It seems to happen to everyone eventually. The next time you get a flat, bring it to a specialist for the highest quality repair.

Tire Replacement

It can sometimes be difficult to know for sure if you need new tires, but a service tech can quickly help you make that determination.

New Tires

When it does come time to purchase a new set, a tire specialist can assist you in your decision, making sure you get the most value for what you spend, and giving you advice on what will work best during extreme winter weather.

Wheel Alignment

This will provide smoother driving, while also helping to reduce a car's tendency to drift.

If you're in need of tire and wheel services, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For tire and wheel maintenance in Stevens Point, WI, the experts to contact are at Auto Select Express at (715) 341-1576. Go ahead and visit Auto Select Express today for oil changes, fluid services, and filter replacements in Stevens Point!

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