How Routine Auto Maintenance Saves Your Money

How Routine Auto Maintenance Saves Your MoneyIs your car up to date with its maintenance needs? We aren't just talking about oil changes, although they are critically important to your vehicle's overall health. If you check your vehicle's owner's manual you will find an entire service schedule that dictates what kind of service your car needs and when. It is important that you keep up with necessary maintenance, as it will help keep your car running reliability and save you money.

What is Scheduled Maintenance

There are many different types of maintenance required by all cars and trucks. The following are are some of the more common types of services.

  • Oil Changes - Oil changes are necessary to ensure the motor is not suffering from excessive friction between its moving parts.
  • Fluid Services - Draining and refilling your car's vital fluids is necessary to ensure they are free of any sort of damaging contaminants.
  • 30-60-90K Maintenance - General maintenance services, such as spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters and belt and hose replacements may be conducted every 30,000 miles.

How this Saves Money

It may seem strange to have to pay to have maintenance done on a vehicle that is seemingly running well. However, should you choose to put off scheduled auto maintenance, your car is sure to suffer from trouble.

  • Prevents Expensive Repairs - Neglecting your vehicle of maintenance will result in parts wearing and tearing unnecessarily. For example, failure to change the spark plugs could result in misfiring, which can actually cause damage to your vehicle's catalytic converter, due to incorrect fuel vapors passing through it. What was a cheap service has just turned into a major repair.
  • Prevents Breakdowns - Additionally, failure to complete routine services could cause your car to suffer a massive breakdown, such as if a belt snaps under the hood. Now, not only will you need a new belt and possible engine repair, but a tow truck as well.

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