Important Reasons to Never Skip an Oil Change

Important Reasons to Never Skip an Oil ChangeThere are many automotive maintenance services that are integral to a vehicle's operation. One of those being the oil change. It is the service that will be required most often by your car to ensure that the engine remains healthy. Skipping oil changes or putting them off can have a major negative effect on the motor and its moving parts. Eventually you'll face the possibility of needing major engine repair or even a complete engine rebuild or replacement in order to restore the driveability of your vehicle. Check out these reasons to never skip an oil change and then make an appointment today!

Engine temperature regulation

Engine oil is designed to help regulate the operating temperature of the engine in a few different ways. First of all it reduces the amount of heat produced by ensuring there is little friction between the moving metal parts of the motor. Secondly, engine oil is able to absorb heat as it circulates through the motor. As oil ages it loses its ability to do these very important functions, thus leading to increased temperatures that can damage the motor.

Restores engine operation capabilities

As oil circulates through the motor it picks up contaminants that have made their way inside. This turns the oil from a very fine liquid to a dense, sludge like substance. When the engine tries to operate with this sludge it reduces the engine's ability to properly power the engine and fuel efficiency is reduced. During an oil change this sludge is removed and fresh oil is poured into the engine, thus restoring its power and economy.

Ensures proper engine lubrication

The most important reason to never skip an oil change is to ensure the motor is properly lubricated. Without fresh oil your motor will suffer from major metal on metal contact that will quickly wear out its moving parts!

Gives a technician an opportunity to inspect your vehicle

Finally, when you have your oil changed at a professional auto repair shop they technicians will be able to give your vehicle a once over and let you know about any potential issues that should be addressed. This will allow you to perform preventative maintenance necessary for a safe and reliable ride.

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