4 Reasons to Always Keep Up On Oil Changes

4 Reasons to Always Keep Up On Oil ChangesYour vehicle's engine is made up of numerous moving parts, all working together intricately to help make sure that your car continues to drive along reliably. And the thing that is preventing those moving parts from grinding against one another is oil. As oil ages, it can develop build-up from gunk and start to turn sludgy. When you consider just how easy and affordable it is to get in for an oil change, there really isn't a good reason to put it off for longer than the mileage parameter that's been established for your vehicle. In addition to the benefit of having fresh oil added to your engine, there are other perks of getting an oil change, such as having an automotive professional perform a preventative inspection and the documentation of maintenance records. Here's a look at four reasons to always keep up on oil changes.

Proper Lubrication

The most important role of fresh oil is that it works to prevent serious damage from metal-on-metal contact.

Temperature Regulation

In addition to providing lubrication, oil also redistributes heat from your combustion chamber, which ultimately helps to keep your engine from going kaput.

Preventative Inspection

It can turn out to be quite beneficial to have an automotive professional looking at the underside of your vehicle, which is an opportunity that arises during an oil change. This could result in the spotting of a developing problem, which can then be addressed before it becomes an especially expensive repair project that shouldn't have been necessary.

Resale Value

When it finally comes time to sell, a highly detailed maintenance record of your vehicle can help to convince a prospective buyer that your vehicle is a safe investment. If you haven't kept such a record, there could be suspicion about just how good of care the vehicle has experienced while in your hands.

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