Easy Ways to Boost Fuel-Economy

Easy Ways to Boost Fuel-EconomyThere are several simple measures that can be taken to increase gas mileage, some of which you can do yourself, while others can be done quickly and affordably at the shop. Here's a look at six easy ways to boost MPGs.

New Spark Plugs

Old, gunked-up plugs are liable to misfire, which over the course of many miles can result in significant fuel waste.

Replace Air Filter

A healthy air filter will allow the proper quantity of air to reach the combustion chamber, which in turn will prevent your engine from burning up more fuel as a means to make up for the lack of air.

Oil Change in Stevens Point

If you don't get in for regular oil changes, then the oil can become dirty and increase strain on your motor, which can decrease fuel-efficiency. While oil changes are important for your gas mileage, they're even more important for general engine health.

Correct Fuel Grade

If you drive a vehicle that calls for mid-grade or above, it's important that you always adhere to that specification. Otherwise, your gas mileage could drop and you might even develop engine trouble.

Proper Tire Inflation

If you're driving on under-inflated tires, it's possible that your fuel-economy could worsen by some 25%.

Tight Gas Cap

A loose or ill-fitting gas cap could result in fuel evaporating before you even get the chance to put it to use.

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