What is Completed During a Tune Up?

What is Completed During a Tune Up?What is a tune up? Well there is no perfect answer to this relatively simple question. Before cars were highly computerized the term actually meant to tune the vehicle by adjusting the carburetor, oiling the chassis and so forth. As vehicles evolved so has the term and these days it can mean any number of services. While some things haven't changed, such as replacing spark plugs, tune ups can vary car to car. Common signs it is time for a tune up include a vehicle with a rough idle or one that is suffering decreased fuel economy. These are several common practices conducted during modern tune ups, either one or all may be done in one session.

Fault Code Diagnostics

If a vehicle is running rough and brought to a shop for a so called tune up the technician will likely hook the car up to a computer to see if it is presenting any fault codes that may point directly to the problem. This is a marvel of modern technology and allows for issues to be resolved relatively quickly.

Vacuum Check

Another important thing the mechanic will check for is any air leaks or exhaust restrictions that could be putting extra strain on the engine.

Fuel Injector Cleaning

Probably one of the most common services conducted during a tune up is a fuel injector cleaning. Dirty injectors can cause idling issues and cleaning this system will remove the gunky buildup that is causing the problem and help restore full power to your car.

Filter Replacements

Another general service performed during most tune ups is the replacement of fuel, air intake and cabin air filters. New filters will help keep your vehicle running smooth, happy & healthy for miles and miles.

Belt & Hose Inspection

While the hood is up there's a good chance the tech will check on all belts and hoses, such as the timing belt and cooling system hoses. If any appear to be on their way out they will be replaced.

At the first sign of trouble be sure to head to the repair shop so that problems don't get worse. If you need a tune up in Stevens Point head to Auto Select. Our expert auto maintenance technicians will be glad to assist in keeping your car running its very best. To schedule an appointment for professional auto maintenance in Stevens Point give us a call at (715) 341-1600 today.

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