What are the signs of muffler trouble?

What are the signs of muffler trouble?Your vehicle's muffler plays a central role in the healthy functioning of your exhaust system, which consists of the exhaust valve chamber that goes to the exhaust headers, then to exhaust pipes and catalytic convertor, and then to the muffler and out of the tailpipe. By directing exhaust fumes away from the engine and passenger cabin, the muffler also helps to increase your safety while driving. In addition to that, a properly functioning muffler will reduce the volume of the noise that emerges from the exhaust being directed to your tailpipe. If you have cause for concern regarding your muffler, then you'll want to visit a reputable mechanic for computerized diagnostics. Here's a look at four signs of muffler trouble.

Excessively Loud Noise

An exhaust leak stemming from your muffler could be the source of all that cacophony. If there's a hole in the muffler, the resulting leak can significantly increase the amount of noise that is created by your exhaust system. You'll want to get this fixed quickly because nobody wants to be the person driving around causing such a racket.

Condensation from Exhaust Pipes

When a muffler cools down, air condenses within it. As your mileage adds up, that moisture can lead to the wearing down of your exhaust pipe and muffler shell. As a result, rust could set in, which may culminate in exhaust gas leakage. It could be worthwhile to take a peek at your exhaust pipe and see if it seems that there are abnormally high quantities of condensation. If so, then your muffler could need replacing.

Decreasing Gas Mileage

Issues with your muffler and exhaust system can make your engine work harder, which can cause it to burn more gas. Although a number of different automotive issues can cause a decrease in fuel-efficiency, this is one possibility to consider.


When any part of your exhaust system fails, including your muffler, misfiring could consequently result.

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