Top Signs of General Car Trouble

Top Signs of General Car TroubleAs a driver it is important that you take the time to give your car the attention it needs to continue running right. This includes paying attention to any and all signs of trouble it may be giving you. If you encounter any signs of general car trouble, which can include the following, reach out to a reputable auto shop to schedule service. Remember, the longer you wait to have troubles repaired, the worse they will get.

Strange Noises

One of the most common signs of car trouble are strange noises that are made by your vehicle while you drive. Depending on what you're doing when you hear the sound you can often tell what needs service. For example, a squealing noise that occurs when you hit the brakes generally means you need new brake pads.

Weird Smells

If you catch a whiff of a strange odor coming from your car then it may be a good idea to visit the shop. A couple of the most common issues that can cause odors are a worn clutch, which causes a burning paper smell, or a coolant/antifreeze leak, which often results in a maple syrup smell.


Any shaking or vibrating sensations that come from your car are cause for concern. Problems that cause vibrating include poor wheel alignment, which causes your steering wheel to shake back and forth or an exhaust leak, which can cause the gas pedal to vibrate.


Nothing should ever be leaking from your car. The special fluids used by your car to operate need to remain at proper levels. Common fluid leaks include an engine oil leak, transmission fluid leak, differential leak, brake fluid leak, coolant leak or a power steering fluid leak.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

Your vehicle is equipped with several dashboard warning lights, such as the check engine light, ABS light, battery light, oil light, ALT or GEN light and others, that will be triggered if trouble is detected within certain systems. Be sure to visit a local auto repair shop for proper diagnostics as soon as one of these lights come on.

The longer you wait to address car trouble, the worse it will get. If you believe it is time for auto repair in Stevens Point head to Auto Select. Our superior auto repair technicians will determine the issue and have you on your way in no time. To schedule expert auto repair in Stevens Point give our friendly team a call at (715) 341-1600 today.

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