These 6 Signs Say It's Time for Brake Repair

These 6 Signs Say It's Time for Brake RepairWhile running your daily errands, it's easy to forget that healthy brakes play a critical role in maintaining the safety of you and your family. You just never know when a drunk or distracted driver might blow through a stop sign or when a deer might jump out onto the highway. In such scenarios, it's crucial that your brakes function flawlessly. Here's a look at six signs that you need brake repair.

ABS Light Turns On

These letters are short for anti-lock braking system. In the event that they light up, then a problem with your brakes has been detected and you should make an appointment with your mechanic to have the issue checked out.

Squealing Sound

A high-pitched squealing sound could be the result of the little piece of metal attached to your brake pad beginning to rub up against the rotor.


This is where the issue becomes significantly more serious. You might be encountering this symptom because your brake pads have basically disintegrated. In such a situation, your discs could be prone to damage.

Veering to One Side

If you veer in one direction when stepping on the brake pedal, it could be an indication that a caliper has frozen up due to corrosion. This needs to be addressed promptly because you've now become a safety risk to other drivers on the roadway because you don't have total control over your vehicle.


The source of the vibrating could be warped rotors.

Brake Fluid Leak

A proper fluid level is of great importance to the health of your braking system.

If you're in need of brake repair, be sure to visit a reputable mechanic. For brake repair in Stevens Point East, WI, the experts to contact are at Auto Select at (715) 341-1600. Feel free to give Auto Select a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your repair or maintenance needs!

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