5 Sounds that Indicate Car Trouble

5 Sounds that Indicate Car TroubleMany types of car trouble are first noticed due to the symptoms they create. One of the most common signs of a problem with a vehicle is a weird noise. You can often tell what the problem is by pinpointing where the noise is coming from and/or what you are doing when the noise occurs. If you ever encounter odd sounds as you drive down the road, be sure to visit a quality auto shop for expert automotive diagnostics and repairs.

Squealing Noise When Braking

If your vehicle is suffering from low brake pads it is probable that you will hear a grinding noise as you bring your vehicle to a stop. The sound that you are hearing is metal grinding on metal, and if left unrepaired, it could lead to additional damage to braking components.

Grinding Noise While Shifting

When your vehicle is shifting through gears, whether as an automatic or a manual transmission, if you hear grinding, whining or other harsh sounds, it is probable that the vehicle is low on transmission fluid. This issue may be accompanied by other shifting troubles, such as delayed or erratic shifting.

Increased Engine Noise

Does your car's engine seem to sound louder than normal? Has this issue occurred somewhat out of the blue? Does the noise seem exacerbated when accelerating rapidly? This is a clear sign of an exhaust leak.

Knocking Under the Hood

A knocking noise that rises and falls with engine RPMs is often a sign of wearing engine bearings. This needs to be addressed quickly, as bearings are what support the motion of the moving engine parts. Should the seize, your car is likely to suffer major engine damage.

Clicking Noise When Starting

When you turn the key, the engine should start right up. If instead you hear a loud click, or a series of clicks, it is probable that the starter motor has failed. The noise you're hearing is the starter motor actuating its pinion gear, but failing to spin.

Strange noises should be addressed as soon as they are observed. If you need expert automotive diagnostics in Stevens Point give Auto Select a call at (715) 341-1600. Our crew uses the latest auto repair and diagnostic technology to ensure that vehicles are fixed right the first time. At the first sign of trouble, come see us for expert auto repair in Stevens Point.

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