5 Signs Your Car Requires Brake Repair

5 Signs Your Car Requires Brake RepairWhen it comes to automotive safety there is no more important system then the brakes. It is integral that you take exceptional care of the brakes, as healthy brakes are necessary for bringing your car to a stop, not only under normal conditions, but in emergency situations as well. If you ever encounter any of the following signs of trouble be sure to contact your local auto repair shop for further diagnostics and expert brake repairs.

Soft Brake Pedal

Your car's brake pedal should have some resistance to it when you press on it. If it is easily pushed to the floor or if it rests closer to the floor than it used to you'll want to head to the shop ASAP. This may be caused by thin brake pads but it could also be something more serious, like air in the brake lines or a brake fluid leak.

Brake Pedal Vibrations

Any time your car starts producing vibrations that didn't exist before you should have them checked out. A brake pedal vibration is often caused by warped rotors, which are what the brake pads grab to produce the friction that slows your car.

Pulling When Braking

When you hit the brakes your car should not jerk left or right. If your car does so it may be caused by uneven brake pad wear. Other issues that can cause this include a malfunctioning wheel cylinder or contaminants in the brake lines or brake fluid.

Grinding Sounds

One of the most common signs of brake trouble is a grinding noise that occurs when you hit the brakes. This is the sound of metal grinding on metal, as your brake pads have completely worn away. They need to be replaced as soon as possible, as you driving with worn brake pads can damage other braking components.

ABS Light

Like the check engine light lets you know about problems with the engine, it is the ABS light on your dashboard that informs you of braking trouble. ABS stands for anti-lock braking system and if the light comes on you need to head to the auto repair shop for professional diagnostics and expert repairs.

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