6 Indications of Brake Trouble

6 Indications of Brake TroubleHealthy brakes help to keep you protected from the countless potential dangers that are always lurking on the roadways. In that crucial moment when a deer jumps out onto the highway, it's critical that your brakes function optimally. At the very first sign of a problem with your brakes, you'll want to visit a reputable mechanic as soon as you can. Here's a look at six signs that you need brake repair.

ABS Light

You might at some point see these letters, which mean anti-lock braking system, light up on your dashboard. If so, it suggests that there's a problem with your brakes and means that you should promptly get to a mechanic who can further investigate the matter.


Just because this is a fairly common symptom, doesn't mean it should go ignored. This could be an indication that the little piece of metal that is attached to the brake pad has started to rub against the rotor.


Now the problem is getting increasingly serious. This could mean that your brake pads have more or less disintegrated and that there is now reason to be concerned about potential damage to your discs.


In the event that a caliper freezes up as a result of corrosion, you could begin veering off to one side when applying pressure to the brakes. Because you no longer have total control over your vehicle, this poses a serious safety risk to you and your passengers, as well as other drivers who are sharing the road with you.


Warped rotors could be the source of the vibrating.

Brake Fluid Leak

A proper amount of fluid is necessary to ensure that your brakes can consistently be trusted to work as they should.

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