Checklist: Spring Auto Maintenance

Checklist: Spring Auto MaintenanceThe days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and soon it will be prime road trip season. Before you pack up the family and hit the road, you'll want to make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the long trek ahead. Here's a look at six types of spring auto maintenance that will boost safety and performance.

Brake Service in Neenah

Signs of brake trouble include squealing and grinding, as well as veering to one side when you hit the brake pedal. At the first sign of a braking system issue, you'll want to get to the shop to have the matter inspected.

Air Conditioning & Cooling System Service

As the thermometer climbs, you'll want to make sure that both you and your engine are able to keep the right amount of cool.

Transmission Service in Neenah

Indications of a transmission issue include suddenly popping out of gear, as well as leaking transmission fluid.

Check/Change Hoses

As the miles add up, hoses can become vulnerable to hardening and cracking.

Tire Tread/Pressure Check

When driving long distances at high speeds, you want to make sure you're riding on tires that you can trust to get you safely to your destination. It'll only take your mechanic a minute to look over your tires and let you know whether you need new ones.

Check/Change Oil

It's of great importance to consistently keep your vehicle running on a proper amount of clean oil.

If you're in need of auto maintenance, be sure to get in touch with a reputable auto shop. For auto maintenance in Neenah, WI, the experts to contact are at Auto Select at (920) 722-2466. Feel free to give Auto Select a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your repair or maintenance needs!

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