Is it Time for Steering System Repair?

Is it Time for Steering System Repair?It's hard to argue that being able to easily steer a vehicle is not important. The power steering system in your vehicle is a critical component of the safety of your car. If you ever experience signs that the steering system is not operating as it should, you should visit a local mechanic as soon as possible. The following are some of the more common signs it is time for steering system repair.


If your vehicle seems to want to constantly go left or right, you'll need to visit an auto repair shop. This can be attributed to many things, including failed steering parts, tired suspension, balding or deflating tires and a number of other issues. Having this resolved is important, as it's necessary to keep your vehicle properly controlled.

Shaky Steering Wheel

The steering wheel should always remain steady in your hands. If it tends to vibrate or shake back and forth there is a good chance that the steering system is suffering from some sort of issue, such as the tires be out of alignment.

Clicking While Turning

Can you hear a clicking noise when you turn corners sharply? This is a good sign that the power steering pump has failed. You may find a puddle of power steering fluid under your car if this is the case.

Missed Maintenance

If you have not kept up with steering maintenance, such as a power steering flush, the pump may fail prematurely. This is because as the steering fluid ages it breaks down, causing damage to the interior parts of the system.

Hard Turns

An obvious sign of steering trouble is if it is difficult to turn the steering wheel, particularly at low speeds.

Fixing control issues is critical to ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive. If you believe that your car requires steering repair in Neenah head to Auto Select. Our crew of experienced auto repair technicians will identify the issue and ensure that your car is safe and reliable to drive when it leaves our full service shop. To request more information, or to schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in Neenah, give us a call at (920) 722-2466 today.

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