4 Common Causes of a Dead Battery

4 Common Causes of a Dead BatteryYour car's battery is crucial for many vehicle operations. Not only does it power lights and other accessories when the engine is off, but it provides the juice needed to get your car up and running. If you continuously experience a dead battery it means there is some sort of electrical draw happening within your vehicle, or the battery has or is about to expire. If your battery is relatively new it shouldn't die unless there is some other part of the vehicle that is using electricity when the car is off. These are the most common causes of a dead vehicle battery.

Driver Error

The most common issue related to dead batteries is human error. If the lights are left on or even leaving a cell phone charger plugged into the cigarette lighter for too many days without starting your vehicle could kill the battery. Always make sure all your lights are off and all the doors are snugly shut before leaving your vehicle. Thankfully this issue can generally be resolved with a jump start.

Corrosion or Dirt

Intermittent battery trouble is often caused by battery terminals that are dirty or corroded. This can be resolved by using a wire brush to clean the terminals to ensure a tight connection on both the positive and negative terminal.

Stuck Relay

Many parts and electrical systems throughout vehicles rely on relays to control the flow of electricity in order to turn a part on or off. If a relay becomes stuck in the on position it means the part will continue to draw electricity even when the vehicle is shut off, eventually causing the battery to run dry.

Interior Light Problems

Newer vehicle utilize sensors to shut off interior lights. They do this by recognizing the opening and closing of the driver's door after a vehicle has been turned off. If this sensor fails the interior lights and other electronics will to continue to draw power from the battery for an extended amount of time, eventually killing it.

If you've found yourself facing the troubles of a dead battery on multiple occasions it is time to call the auto repair shop to have the problem diagnosed. If these problems are left alone it could eventually rack up even larger repair bills. For auto electric repair or a new car battery in Neenah contact Auto Select. We provide full service auto repair for all makes and models. To learn more or to schedule expert auto repair in Neenah give us a call at (920) 722-2466 today!

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