Common Reasons that a Check Engine Light Comes On

Common Reasons that a Check Engine Light Comes OnWhen a check engine light illuminates, the initial reaction is often to worry that an automotive disaster is impending. But the reality is that a check engine light can come on because of something as simple as a loose gas cap. Nevertheless, if it does turn on, you'll want to be proactive and get to the shop for diagnostics to make sure that you're not putting your vehicle at risk of preventable damage. Here's a look at six common causes of a check engine light turning on.

Bad Spark Plugs

If you don't change out bad spark plugs and wires, then problems with your ignition coil and catalytic convertor could result.

Failing Ignition Coil

The ignition coil plays a critical role in creating the spark that is necessary for your car to fire up. While it's normal for them to eventually reach an end to their life cycle at 100,000 or so miles, problems could arise early for them as a result of exposure to extreme weather.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

This keeps tabs on the amount of unburned oxygen in your exhaust system. Issues with it can cause worsening gas mileage.

Failing Mass Airflow Sensor

This is what keeps track of how much air is coming in and then determines the quantity of fuel it should be injected with. Fortunately, this fix isn't too expensive.

Bad Catalytic Convertor

This one is significantly costlier, but it's a necessary expense. Your catalytic convertor is what monitors your carbon monoxide and then actually turns it into an emission that is less harmful to the environment.

Loose Gas Cap

If the gas cap isn't fitting properly, fuel can evaporate before you get the chance to use it, which can actually trigger the check engine light.

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