What's Leaking From My Car?

What's Leaking From My Car?While it is gasoline that you put in the tank, your car actually uses several other types of fluids in order to operate safely and reliably. Should you ever notice something dripping from underneath your car it is integral to visit an auto shop right away to have the leak fixed. Low levels of any type of automotive fluid can result in catastrophic damage to the system that the leaking fluid is from. Here's a quick list of the most common fluids used in automobiles.

Coolant Leak

Coolant, which is also known as antifreeze, is a most often bright green in color, but it can also be pink or yellow. It also has a very sweet smell to it. Fixing coolant leaks is important, as low coolant levels can lead to engine overheating and additional motor damage.

Transmission Fluid Leak

If you notice a red liquid leaking from your car it is most likely transmission fluid. This type of leak will generally be accompanied by shifting difficulting and grinding noises that occur during shifting.

Differential Fluid Leak

Differential fluid does look similar to transmission fluid, so the best way to tell them apart is be taking note of where the leak is collecting under your car. If it is near the back of your car, chances are it is a differential leak.

Brake Fluid Leak

Cars and trucks use hydraulic force to stop, so operating the vehicle with low levels of the fluid used to create that force can be incredibly dangerous. Brake fluid is often described as clearish-brown, and it'll most likely be visible near tires, if it is leaking from a wheel cylinder.

Power Steering Leak

If you've noticed a leak coming from your car and are simultaneously noticing a clicking noise when you go around corners, it is most likely power steering fluid.

Engine Oil Leak

The most common type of automotive leak is an oil leak. Oil is necessary for ensuring your car's motor is properly lubricated. Low oil levels can cause massive damage to the internal parts of the engine.

All leaks need to be addressed immediately. If you need automotive fluid leak repair in Green Bay visit Auto Select. We strive to provide high quality auto repair and maintenance for all cars and trucks. To schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in Green Bay give us a call at (920) 494-4936 today.

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