Is it Time for New Tires?

Is it Time for New Tires?Your tires are extremely important. They are what provide you with proper traction that allows for handling, braking, steering and stability, which is why it is critical that they are always in good condition. A sudden tire failure could be catastrophic, so be sure to always buy new tires before they have the chance to fail due to excessive wear. The following are four common ways to tell it is time for new tires.

Excessive Vibration

If you drive regularly then you understand that some sort of vibration is going to occur as you drive. If you notice that the vibration has increased recently it may be due to tires that have become off balanced. Tires that are not properly balanced could result in traction and control issues.

Bulges, Blisters and Cracks

You can often tell if it is time for new tires based on the physical condition of the ones that are currently mounted on your vehicle. If you notice any bulges, blisters or cracks in the tread or sidewall of your current tires you will want to make a trip to the tire store as soon as possible.

Uneven Wear

Car tires are designed to wear in a certain pattern so as to ensure that proper traction is maintained for as long as possible. If you notice uneven wear it could indicate your vehicle is out of alignment, which will likely mean it is time for new tires.

Penny Test

If you can stick a penny between the tread with Lincoln's head facing down and see the top of Lincoln's head, then it is time for new tires. This is a standard test for most types of road-going tires.

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