Is it Time for a New Alternator

Is it Time for a New AlternatorWhen you turn the key in the ignition it is the battery that provides the initial electrical charge that gets everything up and running. But, it is the alternator that keeps the battery charged as the car is running. If the alternator begins to fail you could experience a number of issues in your car, as the alternator is also responsible for providing electrical power to accessories, lights, the radio and other features of your car. If you notice any of the following issues be sure to get to your local auto repair shop for proper diagnostics and repair.

Hard Starting

While there are many things that can cause your car to be hard to start the alternator will result in slow engine cranking. The engine may turn over once or twice very slowly before roaring to life.

No Starting

Of course, if the hard starting goes unchecked it could lead to no starting. This will happen if the battery has been completely drained since it isn't being recharged by the alternator. You will generally be able to start the car with jumper cables, but you'd have to do this repeatedly until you have a new alternator installed, if the battery isn't at fault.

Accessory Trouble

If you start having trouble operating electrical accessories such as power windows, power seats, the radio or interior lighting you more than likely have a failing alternator under the hood. The alternator provides the power necessary to operate these features so if there isn't enough, or any, power being created they will fail to work properly.

Flickering/Dim Lighting

The alternator also provides the juice for exterior lights. If your lights are dim or flicker then be sure to visit a shop. This is a dangerous problem as night driving could become very hazardous for you and other drivers on the road.

If you believe your car is having electrical trouble don't wait to have it checked out, as it will get worse. For professional alternator repair in Green Bay West head to Auto Select. Our team of professional auto repair technicians are highly skilled at identifying and repairing all types of car trouble. At the first sign of a problem give us a call at (920) 494-4936 to request an appointment for superior auto repair in Green Bay West.

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