When do I need to get to the shop for a tune-up?

When do I need to get to the shop for a tune-up?If your vehicle is freshly off of the factory line, then you won't need to schedule a tune-up for quite some time. But once your odometer surpasses the 100,000 mile mark, it's important that you start getting in for regular tune-ups to help maintain optimal performance as you car enters its golden years. As we drive to work and back each day, year after year, it's easy to forget about the significant stresses that our vehicles endure. Nonetheless, that daily driving routine is causing wear and tear that will ultimately need to be addressed. Here's a look at five signs that your vehicle needs a tune-up.

Trouble Getting Started Up

Although numerous issues could cause this symptom, one possibility with this is that you're in need off an ignition adjustment, which is just the sort of maintenance measure that can be easily taken care of during a tune-up.

Decreasing Fuel-Efficiency

Failing spark plugs could be the issue with this. Spark plugs can easily be replaced during a tune-up. Even during times when gas prices come down, you still want to keep every penny in your pocket that you can while filling up.


Spark plugs could also be the culprit here. In the event that you stall out, it's best to take note of the specific circumstances under which the stalling is occurring, and then fill your mechanic in on the details.


If you can feel vibrations when you drive, there are a few possible problems to consider. This could be an indication that it's time for tire rotation or that a U-joint needs to be replaced.

Mileage Points

After your odometer hits six figures, you'll want to get in for a tune-up every 10,000 to 20,000 miles that follow.

If you're in need of auto maintenance, be sure to visit a reputable auto shop. For a tune-up in Green Bay West, the experts to contact are at Auto Select at (920) 494-4936. Feel free to give Auto Select a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your repair or maintenance needs!

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