6 Signs that You're Due for Brake Repair

6 Signs that You're Due for Brake RepairAs you drive to work and back each day, it's easy to overlook the critical role that your brakes play in maintaining your safety. But you just never know when an intoxicated driver might blow through a red light or a some loose materials might fall from a truck bed. In such pivotal moments, it's of major consequence that your brakes are able to do their job optimally. Here's a look at six signs of brake trouble.

ABS Light Turns On

These letters stand for anti-lock braking system. If they light up, it's an indication that an issue with your brakes has been detected and that you should promptly get to the shop to have the problem inspected.

Squealing Sound

When brakes make a high-pitched squealing noise, it could very well be because the little piece of metal that is attached to the brake pad has begun rubbing against the rotor.


This suggests that your brake pads have more or less disintegrated, and also that your discs could now be prone to damage.

Veering to One Side

A caliper that has frozen up because of corrosion could cause a vehicle to veer to one direction when pressure is applied to the brakes. You'll want to get this remedied right away because this issue means that you're no longer in total control of your vehicle and could pose a threat to others on the road.


Warped rotors could be the cause of the vibrating.

Brake Fluid Leak

For brakes to be able to function optimally, a proper amount of fluid is needed.

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