How can I tell which type of fluid is leaking from my car?

How can I tell which type of fluid is leaking from my car?It's a good idea to occasionally take a look at the ground below where your vehicle is often parked and check for automotive fluid leaks. If there is evidence of a leak, you'll want to then try to determine which specific type of fluid is escaping your car. And while oil might be an easier one to identify, it can be rather tricky to tell apart other kinds of fluid. It can certainly be helpful to know which type of fluid is leaking so that you can tell your mechanic, who can in turn get right to work on remedying the issue---potentially saving time it might take at the shop to pinpoint the type of leak. Here's a look at helpful tips on how to identify six different types of automotive fluid leaks.

Brake Fluid

This tends to be light brown in color and found next to a tire or under the master brake cylinder. Because brakes are so critical to your safety on the road, brake fluid leaks should be addressed right away.

Transmission Fluid

This appears reddish to brownish in color. With transmission issues, the key is taking care of the problem quickly to hopefully avoid more expensive repairs.

Differential Fluid

While this can bear a resemblance to transmission fluid, you can often tell them apart by where the leaking fluid is accumulating. If it's puddling near the rear end of your vehicle, then it's more likely to be differential fluid.

Coolant Leak

This one can be somewhat easier to identify because of its bright green color, although it is sometimes pink or yellow.


A puddle of clear fluid may simply be water. But if you don't think there's good reason for a water leak, such as if the A/C has been running, then you'll want to double check to make sure that it is indeed water.


This regularly appears black or brown, with that familiar rainbow sheen.

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