How to Find Quality Auto Repair

How to Find Quality Auto RepairIf you're looking for auto repair you more than likely aren't happy about it, especially if you've encountered some sort of unexpected breakdown. Since you need service, you may as well get the service you deserve, which will certainly help lighten the mood. But with many auto repair shops to choose from how do you know who is going to treat you fairly and provide you with auto repair at an honest price? There are a few key characteristics to look for when searching for auto repair to make sure you don't get ripped off.

AAA Approved

The Automobile Club of America doesn't hand their approval out to just anyone. A business must demonstrate their ability to care for vehicles, as well as people. Bonus: If you're an AAA member you may be eligible for certain discounts.

ASE Certified

To ensure that your vehicle is in the hands of professional mechanics always look for the ASE blue seal. Automotive Service Excellence is an organization that tests and certifies mechanics in a wide variety of auto repair industry related skills.

Warranty Backed Service

A shop that truly believes in their craft will offer a warranty, thus ensuring they will do everything in their power to solve any issues that occur relating to a repair they conducted.

Shuttle Service, Loaner Cars, Vehicle Delivery

Needing to complete auto repair can be incredibly inconvenient if you rely on your car in your day to day life. An auto repair shop should offer a shuttle service, loaner cars or a vehicle pick up and drop service to ensure your service appointment is as low impact as possible.

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