Common Car Problems Detected by Smell

Common Car Problems Detected by SmellThere are many ways to tell if your car is suffering from car trouble. Weird vibrations, fluid leaks, odd noises and even smells are clear indications that you should be making an appointment for diagnostics. That last symptom is the focus of this article, as there are several particular issues often diagnosed by the odors they create. If you catch a whiff of something odd as you're driving down the highway, be sure to take note and call your auto shop of choice.

Worn Clutch

Do you drive a stick shift? Are you constantly smelling burning paper? This is a good sign that your vehicle needs a new clutch plate or at least a clutch adjustment. You'll likely remember this smell from when you first were learning how to drive a stick shift.

Coolant Leak

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is tasked with regulating the engine operating temperature. This fluid is incredibly sweet smelling and is often described as having a maple syrup smell. If you smell something like that, check under your car for a puddle of bright green fluid. If you find it, you've just discovered a coolant leak.

Mold in HVAC vents

If you turn on your AC or heater and it smells like a bag full of dirty gym clothes is stuck in your vents, it's more probable that mold has begun to grow. In many cases you can blast your car with hot air for an extended amount of time to rid the issue, but if it doesn't go away, further action will be required.

Fuel Leak

The constant smell of gasoline isn't a good thing, as it can represent a fuel leak, in either liquid or gas form. It may be smart to have your car towed, as any spark could ignite the leaking fuel, assuming that is the actual problem.

If you ever smell something odd coming from your car it is important that you let a seasoned technician conduct diagnostics to ensure it is safe to drive. When it is time for expert automotive diagnostics in Green Bay visit the team at Auto Select. Our crew of expert auto repair mechanics can find and fix anything wrong with your vehicle, no matter its make and model. To schedule professional auto repair in Green Bay give our team a call at (920) 494-4936 today.

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