Does My Car Need Transmission Service?

Does My Car Need Transmission Service?Your car is made up of many systems that work together to get you to where you want to go. This includes the engine, the cooling system, the axles, the brakes, the transmission and many others. If any of one of these critical components is unable to do its job, you'll find yourself not going anywhere. When it comes to the transmission there are a few key signs you may notice if it is beginning to have trouble, including the following.

Grinding sounds

Any strange noises ought to warrant a trip to the repair shop. If you hear grinding or whining noises as you shift through the gears manually or as your car shifts automatically, you definitely want to get in for diagnostics. This could be a sign of a mechanical failure, but chances are that your vehicle is just low on fluid.

Pops out of gear

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle that pops of falls out of gear there is a good chance that the clutch plate will need to be replaced, as it has worn thin. However, this could also be caused by an engine oil leak dripping onto the clutch plate, which results in excessive lubrication.

Delayed shifts

An automatic transmission should shift smoothly between forward gears. If the engine revs high as it shifts it could be due to a computer malfunction, low fluid levels, or a mechanical defect. Head to your local auto repair shop for further diagnostics before this problem goes from delayed shifts to no shifts.

Won't go into gear

An obvious sign of transmission trouble is if you simply can't get into a particular, or any, gear. This can happen with both manual and automatic transmissions. Further diagnostics may reveal that the transmission will require mechanical repair or rebuild to fix the issue.

Transmission fluid leak

A leak from your vehicle should scare you, as nothing needs to be dripping from underneath your car. If you find a reddish liquid under the forward part of your car there's a good chance that it is transmission fluid. Transmission fluid provides the lubrication necessary for smooth operation, so low fluid levels can result in a number of problems, including most of the above.

If you're having trouble shifting be sure to visit a reputable auto repair shop right away, or else the problem will definitely get worse. To request an appointment for expert transmission repair in Green Bay East visit Auto Select. We will conduct professional diagnostics and auto repair to ensure your car is safe and reliable. Give us a call at (920) 465-3790 to schedule expert auto repair in Green Bay East.

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