Is it Time for a Tune Up?

Is it Time for a Tune Up?When your car isn't running right it is likely going to suffer from poor performance issues, such as decreased fuel economy, hard starting, a rough idle or even stalling. While keeping up with routine maintenance will generally prevent these types of issues, sometimes a car, particularly one with higher mileage, will need a bit extra help. If your vehicle is between scheduled appointments, but is running poorly, it could be time for a tune up.

What is a tune up?

The term tune up is derived from the actual tuning of carburetors, a part that is no longer used on modern vehicles. However, the idea of tuning to ensure your vehicle remains running right remains. Today the term is essentially refers to any small and quick maintenance that will restore performance, such as the following services.

Spark Plugs

Replacing the spark plugs is necessary every 30,000 miles or so. The spark plugs are what ignite the air and fuel mixture in the vehicle to pump the pistons up and down. If your vehicle seems to be running roughly, there's a good chance that the spark plugs are corroded.


Your car uses a variety of filters to ensure that it runs right. This includes the fuel filter and air filter. The fuel filter removes sediment from gasoline, and if the filter becomes clogged, not enough gas could get to the combustion chamber, causing a poor running or even non running engine.

Fluid Services

Keeping up with fluid services is critical for many components of your vehicle. The most common fluid services, known as fluid flushes, are the coolant flush, power steering flush, transmission fluid flush, and of course the oil change.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

The fuel injection system can become gummed up after many miles of use. Specialized cleaning solutions can be used to hell free up the system and ensure it is operating as designed. A clogged fuel injector can prevent the vehicle from running on all cylinders.

If your car isn't running quite right it is important to visit an auto repair shop for diagnostics. If you think that it is time for a tune up in Green Bay, visit the team at Auto Select. Our crew of auto maintenance experts will have your vehicle running like new in no time. Give us a call at (920) 465-3790 to request superior auto maintenance in Green Bay today.

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