Is there a problem with my alternator?

Is there a problem with my alternator?When an alternator completely fails, the battery's power reserve becomes liable to run dry, leading to an inability to get moving. Alternator trouble can also lead to issues with your vehicle's various electrical accessories. Here's a look at six signs of alternator trouble.

Dashboard Indication

Oftentimes, the first indication of an alternator problem is that the letters ALT or GEN become illuminated on the dashboard. In some instances, the light will turn on in the shape of a little battery.

Dead Battery

Although it's normal for a battery to eventually die at the end of its life cycle, there is reason to be concerned about your alternator if your battery is a newer one and has failed---so long as you're sure you didn't leave the headlights on!

Issues with Headlights

Your alternator supplies the power to your headlights. Problems with it could result in your headlights flickering or dimming.

Issues with Electrical Accessories

A faulty alternator could be to blame for issues with your radio, power windows, or other electrical accessories.


Not only does your alternator play a crucial role in getting your vehicle to fire up, it also works to keep you cruising along. If it fails, you may well find yourself stalled out and in a precarious situation.

Burning Odor

A variety of automotive issues can cause a burning smell. One of the possibilities is that the belt has begun slipping on the alternator.

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