4 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

4 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension RepairMany people associate a vehicle's suspension system with ride comfort, and they are not wrong. But the suspension has a much larger responsibility than making sure your coffee doesn't spill as you pass over a speed bump. The suspension, made up of shocks, struts, leaf springs and the anti-sway bar, or some combination of those depending on your vehicle, is also tasked with keeping your car upright, ensuring all four wheel remain on the ground at all times. This also allows for full braking power. If you ever notice any of these signs of suspension trouble do not hesitate to contact your local auto shop for suspension repair.

One Corner is Low

A common sign of worn suspension is if one corner of the car rests lower than the others, but the tire is not flat. This often means the spring or shock absorber has grown tired and is sagging. This can cause your vehicle to drift and result in uneven tire wear.

Oil on the Struts

If your ride seems a little bit bouncy rub a rag across the struts or shocks. If there is oil on the rag it could mean that your shocks are leaking their hydraulic fluid, causing them to be rigid and unresponsive. This will require these parts to be replaced.

Rolling Sensation

One of the scarier signs of suspension trouble is if it feels as if your car is going to roll over or otherwise lose control as you go around a corner. This is a clear sign of trouble with the anti-sway bar, which is what shifts the vehicle's center of gravity as you maneuver around curves.

Bounce Test

If you believe that your car is suffering from suspension trouble there is a quick test that you can perform. Press on the hood or the trunk of the vehicle to make it bounce up and down. Once you stop pushing the vehicle should return to a stable position within three to four bounces. Any more than that and the vehicle will likely need to be serviced for suspension issues.

To ensure a safe and reliable vehicle it is important to take care of the suspension. If you believe that you need suspension repair in Green Bay East visit the team at Auto Select on Main Street. Our full service shop handles all makes and models and all sorts of problems. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for superior auto repair in Green Bay East give us a call at (920) 465-3790 today.

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