5 Easy Ways to Boost Fuel-Efficiency

5 Easy Ways to Boost Fuel-EfficiencyEven when gas prices are falling, you still want to save every penny you possibly can while at the pump. Fortunately, there are several simple measures you can take to help increase your vehicle's gas mileage. Some you'll be able to handle yourself, while others will likely bring you to the shop for some quick and affordable maintenance tasks. By spending a little on these maintenance measures, you'll save on fuel costs as the miles add up. Here's a look at five simple ways to increase your gas mileage.

Replace Spark Plugs

Your plugs are what create the tiny explosions necessary to get your pistons up and pumping. They ignite a mixture of air and fuel. Over time, the plugs will become fouled up, but replacing them can be easily done during a tune-up.

New Air Filter

While this is an easy task, it sometimes goes overlooked. An outdated air filter can decrease your gas mileage because if the proper quantity of air is unable to reach your combustion chamber, then your car will compensate by burning more gas.

Proper Fuel Grade

If your car calls for mid-grade fuel or higher, you'll want to bypass any temptation to save a few bucks while filling up and make sure you stick to those specifications. Otherwise, your fuel-efficiency could be reduced and engine trouble could even arise.

Correct Tire Inflation

Soft rubber requires more power to roll forward. If your tires are under-inflated, your gas mileage could be reduced by some 25%. Your car's owner's manual should inform you of its ideal air pressure rating.

Tighten Gas Cap

When the gas cap isn't properly sealed, fuel can actually evaporate before you get the opportunity to use it.

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